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Where is my Withdrawal? – Withdrawal Information

If you have withdrawn funds from your account and wanted to find out some more information about the withdrawal process, please check the below information.


1. Keep in mind that the time frame is based on network traffic.

2. You inputted the right Crypto wallet address.

3. The crypto address you have entered has only been used once. You can’t use the same crypto address for multiple transactions.

4. You can withdraw via Bitcoin (BTC) or USDT (TRC20/ERC20)


5. You must check in the relevant network in order to track your withdrawal.


6.  Make sure you select Bitcoin (BTC), or USDT (TRC20/ERC20)


Payment Statuses you can see in the Withdrawal section:




We are still waiting for the funds to be processed. On the Deposit screen, click on Pay next to the deposit request then enter your transaction address to complete the deposit. If you do not see Pay next to your deposit request and you have processed the deposit, you would need to contact us or your Wallet Provider for further information.






The deposit has been approved. 






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