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Meet TradeLocker Beta, an all-in-one trading platform giving you access to TradingView™ charts, advanced features, and the world’s most popular assets.


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What is TradeLocker Beta?

Get early access to a new era of trading…TradeLocker’s new trading platform. Test the platform, and help uncover any defects so we can make this product perfect*.

Access markets worldwide with hundreds of custom & pre-built indicators, strategy backtesting, superior charts,  top liquidity, and live pricing.

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A Platform Built for all Your Trading Needs

TradeLocker was built packed with all the features you need to trade. No matter your experience this next-gen trading platform can be easily adapted to suit all your needs.
Fully customizable charts, indicators and dashboard
One-click trading for quicker, simpler trading processes
Optimized for all devices. Full-screen & mobile trading
Analytical tools for more informed trading decisions

Top Performance is Our Standard

TradeLocker’s innovative technology makes it accessible to everyone. Built with advanced features, a unique design allows all traders easily open, close, and monitor their positions from anywhere.

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Our success begins when you are successful.

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