How to Fully Register your Account - Aiko

How to Fully Register your Account

Step-by-Step Guide


To be able to walk through the Aiko Markets gates and start trading with us, you will need to:


  1. On our homepage, click on Sign Up or click on this link. 

  2. Fill in the Sign-Up Form, read the Terms and Conditions then click on Sign Up.

  3. An email would have been sent to the email address you entered on the sign-up form. If you do not find the email in your Inbox, please check your Spam/Junk folder
  4. Once you find the email, you will need to click on Complete Sign Up.

  5. Fill in the second part of the form then click on Create your account.

    Are you having issues entering your number?

    If you are, we would just like to inform you that when you enter your phone number, you do not need to enter the first 2 zeros (00) or the plus symbol (+) when entering your number. For example, 15554266


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